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April 2021
Covid-19 in Dogs
This article appeared in Our Dogs newspaper and  suggests that there is a possible link between the Covid-19 Kent variant  and heart problems in dogs.

The preliminary reports from the study have not been  peer reviewed and therefore should not be regarded as conclusive, but we  thought owners should be aware of this possible link.

March 2021
Kennel Club press release
Click here to download a KC press release about the KC Genetics Centre/Animal Health Trust.

November 2020
Congenital blindness survey
From time to time we hear of a puppy who was blind or had some degree of sight loss from birth.  It does not appear to be something that is particularly common, but we would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced congenital blindness in puppies, and hear what diagnosis they were given and also how they and the hound coped living with the condition to allow a full and active life.  

Please follow the link to complete the survey.

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