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October 2021
Exciting news on the BetterBred project!
The Irish Wolfhound Health Group have sponsored 20 IW canine diversity tests with UC Davis to help move the research phase on. The preliminary results report can be found here.

In order to complete the research phase we need more Irish Wolfhounds with unrelated pedigrees to the dogs already included in the initial phase. There are 56 wolfhounds already included but we don’t think we have captured anywhere near all the genetic diversity that is out there.

The 20 IWHG sponsored tests will bring the total number of dogs included up to 76 – the ideal number would be 100 so we still need owners who are interested enough in contributing to pay for the test themselves ($50) These can be purchased here.

The current list of publicly available dogs on BetterBred is here. If your dog is not obviously related to any of these wolfhounds and you are willing to fulfill the sponsorship criteria please get in touch. Grateful thanks to those who have already participated in this project.

Sponsorship criteria
Your wolfhound must be registered with the official Kennel Club in its country of origin.
You must follow IWHG instructions to complete the application online.
You must take the swab and send it back within 1 week of receiving the swab kit.
Your dog's results must remain public on the BetterBred website and you must provide a copy of your UC Davis certificate to the IWHG once you receive it.
You will need to create a free account on the BetterBred website in order to apply for one of the sponsored test kits. Once your application is received by the IWHG they will review it and contact you to inform you if we would like your dog to take part.

Apply for a sponsored test kit here.
Join the Facebook group here.
If you have further queries please contact Maura Lyons.

April 2021
Covid-19 in Dogs
This article appeared in Our Dogs newspaper and  suggests that there is a possible link between the Covid-19 Kent variant  and heart problems in dogs.

The preliminary reports from the study have not been  peer reviewed and therefore should not be regarded as conclusive, but we  thought owners should be aware of this possible link.

March 2021
Kennel Club press release
Click here to download a KC press release about the KC Genetics Centre/Animal Health Trust.

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