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April 2019
Introducing our new secretary
We are very pleased to welcome our new secretary, Wendy Reeves; we’re sure Wendy will be a huge asset to the group and we’re looking forward to working with her. Maura Lyons has been managing both the secretary’s role and her research co-ordinator’s role since last Summer, which is a very heavy workload and a very big ask of one person – so I’m sure she’ll be very happy to hand over the secretary’s reins to Wendy now. Click here to see Wendy's profile.

Longevity Recogniton Programme
We’ve also enlisted an extra pair of hands to help Caroline Sheppard with the Longevity Recognition Programme, and are pleased to welcome back Sheena Evans as its administrator. The LRP celebrates our golden oldies; if you haven’t signed up for this yet, find out more here.

March 2019
IWHG Breed Health Seminar, Saturday 9 November
St Peter’s Church Hall, Holly Lane, Balsall Common, CV7 7EA 
Start: 09.30 Finish: 16.00
This year we’re tackling a tickly subject – skin disorders and allergies. Our Breed Health Survey told us that, as with all breeds, the most common complaints we see the vets for are skin and ear irritations. So, is it genetic, hormonal, environmental, or food related? To find out, join us as we go skin deep and beyond with Rosario CerundoloEuropean and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology, who will be trying to answer some of these questions with us. We're very lucky that he's able to fit us into his very busy schedule. After his presentation he will be taking questions from the audience - so don't miss this great opportunity to pick his brains!'

Plus, there will be updates on pneumonia, bone cancer, the Breed Health Survey, the Breed Health & Conservation Plan and the dentition study.


January 2019
Nottingham Veterinary School 
Third Deerhound and Irish Wolfhound Breed Health Seminar
23 February,  University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine - map.
The day is quite informal with the emphasis is very much on participation. There will be an update on the osteosarcoma treatment survey and the AF association with blood clot survey. We also hope to have an update about the main osteosarcoma project. Agenda available here.
We hope as many as possible will take part. If you're planning to attend 
please email so numbers can be estimated.

Survey on bloat/GDV
A former Nottingham Vet School student, Matthew Keane BVM BVS MRCVS, is conducting a project about bloat and gastric dilatation/volvulus and would appreciate as many Irish Wolfhound owners as possible completing his online survey. The survey is available here.

Read all about the lastet news and developments in the Irish Wolfhound Health Group, including:

  • Treasurer's report
  • New study into bloat/torsion by Nottingham University 
  • Dates for forthcoming breed health open day and seminar
  • Heart testing review
  • Call for pneumonia case studies
  • Breed health survey 2018 - preliminary results
  • The story of a wolfhound with itchy skin

Download the newsletter here

December 2018
We are still hearing of dogs suffering from pneumonia being misdiagnosed and dying. Please remember the Pneumonia Study remains ongoing - the aim is to find more ways of treating it and to educate both owners and vets to recognise and treat it. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Dr Angela Bodey is leading this research and needs more surveys from owners who have had dogs with pneumonia. A review is happening after the 31st DECEMBER, so we need to get as many more surveys submitted before that date. 

This is NOT UK specific so please everyone help us reach the 100 cases mark. 
You can find the survey here and more information about pneumonia here.

New lab for livershunt testing scheme - Introducing Cytopath
For two decades firstly Vetlab and then Idexx have supported the breed Livershunt Testing Scheme by offering reduced prices for bile acid testing. As we know, nothing lasts for ever and changes in structure at Idexx meant they could no longer offer the discounts we have benefited from for so long and had to increase their prices. We would like to express our immense gratitude for this fantastic support over so many years. Idexx are of course still offering bile acid testing but at the new pricing.

So a new era begins, and we have the support of CYTOPATH, a lab located in Ledbury, Herefordshire, who are happy to come on board with agreed fixed testing rates for bile acid tests at a level we have enjoyed in previous years.

The procedure remains the same as indicated on the previous testing forms, with one main exception: breeders need to order a pre-addressed envelope from CYTOPATH well in advance of the test being done. All the information needed is on the testing forms which are available for download here.

We are delighted and grateful that Cytopath have agreed to support the scheme and look forward to many years working with them.

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