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February 2018
Please note prices for these tests are currently under review with IDEXX and will be confirmed as soon as we have them. In the meantime, the prices quoted on the forms may not apply.

January 2018

2017 has seen another full year of heart testing sessions throughout the UK and Ireland. In summary, total numbers of dogs seen remain at roughly the same level as last year and most sessions were full, though a few were short on numbers – these will be reviewed in the new year to ensure that these sessions continue to be viable. We were pleased to be able to continue to offer appointments at £45.00 per dog and to be able to continue to subsidise the Super Veterans sessions. The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust also continued to cover the cost of the Rescue hounds sessions.

We will be giving a full report on the year’s activity in the Spring Newsletter, but in the meantime we’d like to thank all our cardiologists again for making another year of the scheme possible, so thank you to Sheena Milne, Serena Brownlie-Sykes and a huge thank you to Angela Bodey, who covers the majority of the sessions. A big thank you as well to all those that have hosted the sessions and provided venues and helped to manage and organise the days – it’s a great team effort spread between many people.

As the Regional Heart Testing Scheme continues to grow and develop we regularly review the ways in which we can improve it. Organising and managing the scheme requires a great deal of time and effort and is a full time job for those closely involved. As Heart Testing Co-ordinator, Wendy Heather spends most days, including weekends, dealing with the admin required, whether that’s bookings, organising hosts and venues or liaising with the cardiologists. It really is like a full time job, but, as with all IWHG roles, it is purely voluntary and has to be fitted in around real work!

So we have decided that the Scheme could really do with two people and we’re delighted to announce that Anne Vaudin will be taking on the role of Heart Testing Administrator from January 1st. Most people already know Anne as our website manager and also as the IW Club’s Archivist, but she has agreed to take on the role of organising and managing the heart testing bookings. She will be the main point of contact for the day to day administration of the Scheme.

Wendy will remain as Heart Testing Co-ordinator and she will retain her top line responsibilities of organising the diary of sessions for the year, liaising with the cardiologists and the hosts, organising the venues and the overall reporting and management of the Scheme. 

As part of streamlining our communications, we have introduced new email addresses for both of them from the New Year:

Wendy will be contactable on:

We will also be introducing an online form for heart test bookings which we hope you will find quicker, more efficient and easier than printing-and-posting. Please give it  try and let us know what you think.

Dates and venues for 2018 will be published early in January and will be announced on Facebook and published here.  Meanwhile, please let us know if you would like to book in advance.

December 2017
Report on raffle
I'm delighted to report that the counting has been done and the IWHG raffle drawn raised the magnificent sum of £2,000! All tickets were sold, so thank you to everyone who purchased them helping us reach this remarkable total. 

 The prizes on offer were outstanding, and we'd like to thank everyone who contributed, especially our patron, Trudie Sumner, who donated three fantastic prizes. 

Congratulations to Mandy Addington who won the star prize of a stay in a cottage in Wiltshire or a house in Grasmere donated by Trudie, and to all the other winners. 

 A full list of prizes and winners can be found here.
Steven Ritchie, Treasurer

November 2017
IWHG Seminar report
The Irish Wolfhound Health Group held its biennial seminar on Sunday November 11th 2017. The seminar was chaired by IWHG chairman, Rebecca Peek.

It was our most successful seminar yet with just over 60 people attending. The hall was very busy, not only with lots of Wolfhound owners and breeders, but also representatives from several other breeds attending. All four breed bodies had representatives at the event.

There was vast amount of information to take in, but we were incredibly fortunate to have tremendously knowledgeable speakers who communicated detailed information very effectively. Dr Katy Evans, Health Research Manager at The Kennel Club, talked about the forthcoming Breed Health and Conservation Plan, and Dr Tom Lewis, Quantitative Geneticist at the Kennel Club talked on ‘Breeding within a Small Gene Pool’. There was a multitude of interesting ideas and easy to understand explanations of a complex subject areas.

The next speakers were Dr Cathryn Mellersh (Head of Canine Genetics, AHT) and Dr Mike Starkey (Head of Molecular Oncology, AHT). Catherine gave an update on the Give a Dog A Genome project while Mike updated us on the Irish Wolfhound osteosarcoma project which involves a continuation of the project we have all been supporting for several years. Excitingly, major steps forward have been achieved in such a short space of time since being funded by the IWHG to sequence six Wolfhound genomes. Although Mike is very modest about the progress being made and there is still lots of work to do.

Dr Regine Vandamme (of First Avenue Irish Wolfhounds) gave a widely anticipated presentation providing a revealing insight into her own no-nonsense attitude to her very successful breeding strategy.

Lunch and refreshments were ably provided by Miranda Brace and her two kitchen helpers, Marion and Mandy. Many thanks go to all of them for working so hard to ensure we were all able to concentrate throughout the whole day.

Many, many thanks to all our speakers and attendees for making it such a successful day. A full report will appear in the next newsletter, so sign up for it by emailing Gary Bogart If you haven’t already. And make sure you don’t miss the next seminar in 2019.

May 2017
Updated accounts 
We are pleased to issue an updated set of accounts for the year to 31st December 2016. With our new Treasurer coming on board, we've taken the opportunity to review our accounting practices and policies and made the decision to move from a cash basis of accounting to an accruals basis, which allocates transactions to the financial period to which they relate rather than the financial period in which they occur. This has resulted in a further £495 of income being taken into 2016 for which transactions didn't occur until 2017 due to the timing of cash receipts. Following a query on the allocation of a Heart Testing donation and the establishment of a specific Pneumonia Fund, we have also taken the opportunity to reallocate a small number of transactions from the general Project Development Fund to the Heart Testing and Pneumonia Funds.

Change of Officiers
As part of the Irish Wolfhound Health Group's governance practices, the time comes around every so often that committee member and officer positions of the Group come up for re-election. As part of the process this year, Tim Finney has decided to step down as Chairman and hand the baton over to Rebecca Peek, and Jackie Watson has stepped down as Treasurer of the Group to be replaced by Steven Ritchie.

The IWHG would like to offer their sincere thanks to Tim, who has held the role of Chairman for six years. Tim, a founder member and former Secretary, has steered the Group through some challenging times and his input has been invaluable. We’re glad to say that Tim will continue to be part of the Group and is delighted to support his successor, Rebecca Peek. Rebecca, another founder member and former Treasurer and Secretary also has considerable experience within the Group.

Jackie has been Treasurer of the Group for nearly three years, having taken over the role following the sudden, sad loss of Jean Malley. This was a very challenging role to take on which Jackie ably managed and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jackie for all the time and hard work that she put into the role.

We are delighted to welcome Steven Ritchie to the Group, where he will take on the office of Treasurer. Steven, a qualified Chartered Accountant, is actively involved with wolfhounds and recently started campaigning his young dog. He lives in Aberdeenshire with his wife Denise and two children. Look out for more about Steven in our next newsletter!

Loose Change Tins
On Sunday 6th May 2017, Denise Pateman, Angela Parsons and Rebecca Peek met for a coffee, cake and counting afternoon. They opened eleven loose change tins and counted and bagged an amazing £658.82.

Thank you to all those who dropped donations into tins at shows and especially to the following contributors whose tins produced this terrific amount:
Pauline Ashby  · Pat and Noel Box  · Claire Gilbert  · Nicola Keeling
Sue Neal  · Angela Parsons  · Louise Pinkney

April 2017
Update on Funding
In July 2016, we published our funding allocations for 2015 and we are pleased to confirm that those amounts have now been either transferred to, or paid over from, the relevant Funds - please see the notes to the accounts for details. In addition, a further £1,000 in the Project Development Fund has been ring fenced as a subsidy for 2017 super veteran heart testing, and the Heart Testing Scanner Fund has been topped up with an additional allocation from the Project Development fund of £1,000. Both these allocations are reflected in the closing Fund balances in the 2016 accounts.

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