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Free Breed Guide

"Introducing Your New
Irish Wolfhound"

Free breed guide
To print as an A5 booklet,
open in Adobe, select Print, Booklet.
The IWHG has produced a guide to help you care for your Irish Wolfhound (updated January 2021). It is free to everyone and is available from Wendy Reeves as a printed A5 booklet, or you can download it via the link above.

We are very happy for breeders to include the booklets in their puppy packs and for overseas breed clubs to reproduce it as well, but we would ask you to remember that it is the IWHG copyright and must not be edited, changed or used in any other way for any other purposes or for commercial gain and that the drawings in it remain the copyright of the artist.

Whilst we are happy that this information is freely available to all, we are a non-fundraising, not-for-profit group and should you wish to make a donation to the group, it would be very welcome.

For overseas breed bodies wishing to make it available to their members or prospective newcomers to the breed, we would ask you to make a donation to the Health Group - UK breed club members provide the funds that make the booklet available to everyone.  Thank you.

Devoted to the health and welfare of Irish Wolfhounds
Patron: Trudie Sumner
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