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July 2016 
At the end of 2015 we published our interim 2015 accounts and our proposals for allocating the funds to research. We have now posted the final accounts and are delighted to confirm how we have allocated the project development and osteosarcoma funds. The fantastic sums generated by our fundraisers over the last few years are being allocated as follows:

ongoing support for the day to day administration, £3,000 to cover up to end 2016

· Mobile scanner for the regional heart testing scheme
£3,000 for future repairs and renewals

· Super-veteran subsidies     set aside £1,000

· Contingency allowance against unexpected amounts     set aside £1,000

· KC Charitable Trust’s Give a Dog a Genome registration     £1,000

· Nottingham Veterinary School’s long term osteosarcoma research first year costs
set aside £10,000

So, we have been able to allocate a staggering total of £26,424, which is an amazing amount raised by you all! Amazing! Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back!

But we’d like to ask you to keep up the good work! All monies donated to the group go to fund the ongoing and future research projects that we hope will ultimately benefit the whole breed. The money raised is not meant to sit in an account, it is meant to be spent on research projects that need it. So although the current allocations are a fantastic amount, it means that the coffers are now very low and we have to concentrate on raising more funds for the next round of funding. 

The IWHG is your health group and it exists purely to help promote the health of the breed. It is a not-for-profit organisation, so relies completely on donations and fundraising to survive. Every little counts and every penny earned adds up to the sort of sums we’ve just spent, so don’t forget to continue with the loose change tins and the Easy-fundraising donations and any other imaginative ways you dream up for fundraising. Thank you.

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